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Dreams Blog

Festival Over The Wall

A dream which takes me from a party at my Grandma's to a music festival.

Benefits of a dream journal.

My thoughts on the benefits of a dream journal and my tips on how to start a dream journal.

Orange Tabby Cat Plays World of Warcraft

Kitty Plays World of Warcraft

A dream in which I see one of my cats playing my favourite MMORPG.

Dreaming Resources

Some of my favourite Dreaming resources and forums related to dreaming.

  • Headspace: A great resource to learn the fundamentals of meditation. This is how I personally learnt how meditation can work wonders for not only dreaming but all aspects of mental health.

  • Lucidity - Lucid Dream Journal: A great resource for dream journalling. While it's not necessary to use this particular app (it's just the one I personally use), a dream journal- whether physical or digital, is a great way to recollect dreams and contemplate any dream signs or significance from your dreams.