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Kitty Plays World of Warcraft

Kitty plays WoW on a computer, colour pencil on paper.

I'm inside a nice cafe located in a large shopping mall. The cafe is split into a food footer and an internet cafe section. It is busy and loud in here. I have just ordered food and it arrives quickly, I remember the dish being delicious. Across from my table is a couple having a fight, it's loud and awkward for everyone else in the food section.

Just as I'm about to finish my breakfast I accidently drop my cup that I was drinking from. A staff member notices this, kicks the cup halfway across the room and begins to talk about me right next to my table. I feel offended by their words.

I get up and begin to walk out of the cafe before someone calls out to me. I turn with a confused look on my face, they urge me to follow them, so I do. He's taking me over to the internet cafe side of the cafe in was about to leave. I look around and see a large projector screen showing someone's screen. As I continue to look I recognise the game and the characters. It's World of Warcraft and specfically it's my character thats being played on the big screen. I am confused as to how this can happen.

I look around the room, wanting to see who could be playing on my account. I walk around the room and I see my cat sitting down at a table. It's Kitty! She's playing on my account somehow, I approach her. I find a free seat and sit down right next to her. Giving her a pet, I ask "What are you doing Kitty?". She replies, in a sweet-soft voice, "I don't know what I'm doing". I laugh to myself at the absurdity of the moment. I follow-up by asking "Well, are you having a good time at least?". Kitty is far too engrossed in the game to notice or reply to my query.

I decide to leave Kitty to play by herself. I watch the big screen as I walk out. My character is fighting a ghoul on a mountain in Icecrown. It's a close battle but Kitty comes out on top.