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Nineteen @ The Star

An arrangement of dishes; including salmon and steak with a glass of wine, and chairs by a large window. Taken during an evening at Nineteen at The Star.
A dining experience at Nineteen @ The Star.

An Introduction

Nineteen @ The Star. What an amazing experience this was. To those who are lucky enough to live or visit the Gold Coast, Australia should definitely put this restaurant as a must-visit destination.

Overall Rating: 5/5
Price: $$$ (High)

The Dining Experience

First Impressions and Arrival

Located on the nineteenth floor, a flashy, golden elevator found just off the middle of the casino floor will take you to this wonderful place. Firstly, you're greeted by a reception table and bar with the most stunning bonsai trees I've ever seen in a fine dining restaurant. However, it did not take long before we were seated in really comfy chairs at a beautifully sized table by the window- overlooking the surrounding buildings. The night my wife and I visited, it was raining hewavily, so unfortunately we could not see much further than the two buildings closest to us.

Impressions of the Staff

Our waitress made the experience so much more enjoyable. She was always close by and quick to come when we needed her. The recommendations she had for us were absolutely amazing and it really showed that she enjoys the restaurant and it's food outside of working hours.

Thoughts on the Food

The food menu was a decent size and had many different options for those with certain preferences for food or dietary requirements. The drinks menu was unbelievably huge, with such a wide range of wines, spirits, beers and ciders. Our selections for the night were great and we can't wait to return to try more of the menu.

The food arrived very quickly after ordering, with not even enough time to finish half a glass of wine. We were very impressed with the speed and quality of the service. The food itself was delicious and the portion sizes were larger than we thought for the fine dining price tag. The only regret we had was that we misjudged the portion sizes and had ordered far too much that we had to leave behind. It's absolutely possible to share a main amongst a couple with a few sides.

What the Food Looked Like

A thin, crispy piece of bread with creamy crab mix underneath. Taken during an evening at Nineteen at The Star. A plate of oysters on cold rocks, half natural and half with toppings. Taken during an evening at Nineteen at The Star. A variety of tomatoes on a plate with beets, feta and basil, drizzled with seasonings. Taken during an evening at Nineteen at The Star. A delicious plate of soft, creamy sweet potato and a complementary range of toppings. Taken during an evening at Nineteen at The Star. A perfectly cooked fillet of salmon on a bed of potatoes, spring onions and creme fraiche. Taken during an evening at Nineteen at The Star. A perfectly grilled steak, drizzled with it's own juices and a side of two different types of mustards. Taken during an evening at Nineteen at The Star.

Final Thoughts

The overall experience was top quality, all aspects from the arrival to payment were exceptional. This experience has joined the Top 3 for all dining experiences I've had.
If I had to give ratings for these aspects I'd say:

Service: 5/5
Food: 5/5
Speed: 5/5
Price: 4/5

I'd like to thank Nineteen for the amazing night and the memories I will cherish for years to come.